Anti Money Laundering

Protect your business from financial crime with our advanced AML solution

Eliminate money laundering and stay compliant with our advanced AML solution. Our powerful database and real-time detection capabilities ensure maximum protection.

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Powerful features to protect your business from financial crime

Stay ahead of financial crime and ensure compliance with our powerful and innovative AML features.

Structured Data

Structured Data

Structured data capabilities that allow for easy and efficient analysis of financial transactions. This helps to identify and prevent money laundering in real-time by flagging unusual or suspicious activity.

Adverse Media

Adverse Media

Capabilities that allow you to screen individuals and organizations against lists of known financial criminals and high-risk entities. This helps to reduce the risk of doing business with potentially fraudulent or illegal parties.

Global Data

Global Data

Access and analyze financial transactions and information from around the world. This helps to detect and prevent money laundering on a global scale and ensure compliance with international regulations.

Achieve compliance and protection with our vast database

Our extensive database includes over 2 million profile data points and 500,000 Indonesian profiles, allowing for real-time detection and prevention of money laundering.

2,1m+ Global Data

Global data points for detecting and preventing money laundering.

500k+ Indonesian

Indonesian data points for identifying and preventing money laundering.

Customer Due Diligence

Streamline your CDD processes with our comprehensive solution

Advanced Search

Our advanced search feature allows users to easily and efficiently search for individuals and organizations within our database. This helps to facilitate customer due diligence and identify potential financial crimes.

Multiple data source
Search types
Standard & pseudo filters
Parameters setting
Advanced Search

Watchlist History

Our history feature includes feature that will allows users to mark records as resolved or unresolved, as well as filter and delete records as needed. This helps to streamline CDD processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Resolve & unresolve record
Filter by date
Record deletion
Bulk action
Watchlist History
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Experience the power of our AML system firsthand

Get a firsthand look at how our comprehensive AML solution can enhance compliance and protection for your business.

Structured Data

Your Data is Stored Safely

All sensitive information are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. We use our dedicated vault management system to encrypt and decrypt data. Decryption keys are safely stored on separate machines.


The Biggest Fraud Database in Indonesia

We provide comprehensive data from multiple data sources including our active community with 650k+ of registered members.


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